What is Freelancing?

What is Freelancing?

What is Freelancing? To answer this question let us have a brief talk about the concept of freelancing. In simple terms, freelance is work that is done by independent contractors who work for different companies and organizations on projects they are qualified for. The term What is Freelancing? was first coined in 2000 by Jo Lopes and was meant to define a particular type of work which was an independent contractor, which was a relatively new concept at the time.

These were jobs that were generally very low paying, given the fact that there was a lot of competition in this field at the time. Companies used to recruit independent contractors in order to get the required work done and what is Freelancing? out of it. But gradually this idea changed and companies realized that they could get similar quality work done for less money by appointing freelancers to do the work instead. There has been a steady rise in freelancing over the past few years and this trend is likely to keep on increasing.

To start off one needs to be qualified enough to make money from freelancing.

This is usually true for freelance writing, but one can also take up any other form of freelancing work. If you have excellent writing skills and you can write well in English, then you can easily get into freelance editing. Freelance writing jobs cover a wide variety of topics and subjects which give you ample opportunities to show your work to the companies.What is Freelancing?

Freelance editing requires that one is good at editing and is creative in nature. Freelance writers need to be able to edit on the fly while writing without being too distracted by their everyday life. Freelance editing jobs can be quite demanding and one may have to work through deadlines. Another important thing to note is that most of these freelance jobs involve large amounts of work, and thus, one must be prepared to work for long hours.

What is more, it does not guarantee work at all times. There are instances where the company would ask you to do a particular number of revisions after the original submission of the work. Some companies offer revisions free of cost while others ask for a small fee. Some companies offer a turnaround time of three months, while some prefer to give six-month deadlines. However, it is advisable for a new freelance writer to be patient and should not expect any work now and then.

What is more, writing is one form of freelancing that does not require any technical expertise. Many companies offer a wide variety of writers who can be hired to write articles and blog posts for websites, blogs, and even newspapers. However, it is always better to work as a freelancer for smaller companies instead of large ones as the latter may exploit you. Smaller companies are known for paying less for the work that they have done. Hence, do not expect big salaries from these companies.

Another thing that one must know about what is freelancing is that most writers tend to bid low when they work for large companies as they do not get enough projects. However, the good news is that there are many freelancers on the web who offer their services at very low rates. In addition, working with them will also save one from the embarrassment of pitching in ideas that may not be suitable for the company. Thus, the writer can concentrate on the work that is more interesting to him/her.

These are just a few of the things that one must know about freelance writing. One can also look for freelance writers online through freelancing websites or agencies. Freelance writers often appreciate this way of approaching work because they are able to get their projects completed within the stipulated deadlines and pay through online payment methods.

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